Tree Removal in Peoria and the Surrounding Areas

Our team at Blue Line Tree Services provides professional tree removal services for both residential and commercial properties across the Greater Peoria and Springfield, IL areas.We specialize in tree removal for trees of all sizes and have years of experience working with trees that may be a danger to homes and commercial properties.

Create a Safe Space

One of our experts’ most common services in the Greater Peoria area is tree removal. There are a number of diseases which can affect trees and a few which specifically attack limbs and joints. These branches can become unstable and break away from the tree falling to the ground below. We aim to protect your property from hazardous trees, creating a safe space for anybody on your property.

If you have questions about potentially hazardous trees,contact our experts by calling 309-885-4466. We can help you determine whether a tree may be diseased or is potentially hazardous to your property.

How To Identify Damaged Trees?

Our tree removal experts often get asked: How will you know if its necessary to remove a tree? Why does it need to be removed? How can I identify a damaged or diseased tree on my property? Our experts at Blue Line Tree Services can answer these questions,who have years of experience identifying diseased and damaged trees. While experts should determine the specific answer of whether or not to remove a tree, there are some common symptoms that you can look for yourself:

  • The bark is dark grey or blue in color
  • The tips of the branches easily bend or snap off in strong winds
  • There is fungus growing on the tree trunk or leaves
  • There are missing branches or large sections without leaves during the spring and summer
  • The leaves do not grow back during the growing season

Emergency Storm Damage Tree Removal Services Available

How to Choose the Right Tree Removal Contractor

Many tree removal companies are not equipped to handle large tree removal projects. It is important that you find a company to dispose of large trees as using the wrong equipment can lead to potential damages and safety concerns. Our team at Blue Line Tree Experts is one of the only tree services in the area equipped with large cranes for the safe removal oflarge trees, even when the trees are extremely close to buildings on your property

Contact Our Tree Removal Experts for A Free Consultation and Estimate

Our team at Blue Line Tree Services is ready to help you remove any damaged, dangerous, or diseased trees from your property. We are equipped to handle large tree removal projects and always pick up all loose branches and twigs once the tree is removed. Contact our tree removal experts to schedule a free consultation and estimate by calling 309-855-4466 or filling out our online contact form.